Minnesota Drug Card Testimonials

I have been prescribed three medications for the past three years. With the Minnesota Drug Card I save over $110 a month. Over the three year period our family has saved over $3,500.00. Money we were able to use for the kids, school, and a host of other expenses. All that money would have gone to the pharmacy and our family would have had to do with less. It's hard to find ways to save money these days and I wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate what you've done to help our family. Keep up the good work!

George M.
Roseville, Minnesota

I just got back from the pharmacy after downloading my discount drug card. I can't believe how much money we saved in one visit. I wish we had downloaded this free card months ago. I can't thank you enough for offering the program and really helping families save money and live better. We are telling all of our family and friends. Once again we really appreciate what you're doing for families.

Sue O.
Edina, Minnesota